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Your traumatic past may just be the fuel you need to soar

Baked in Pain is the awe-inspiring true story of Amanda Dambuza.

In a time where all forms of abuse remain rife, this book provides incredible inspiration and lessons that will motivate the reader to use their traumatic past as the fuel they need to soar and live a life filled with purpose and to be of service to others.

The Author

Amanda Siyaneliswa Dambuza is a married mother of three residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a multi-award winning business woman. Some of her recent awards include the 2018 overall winner of the international businesswoman award Veuve Clicquot ELLE Boss having won the entrepreneurship category as well. This award is to honour inspiring businesswomen who empower, support and encourage female creativity and leadership. Amanda was also recently nominated as one of the top 50 women through Inspiring Fifty an initiative in cooperation with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, for the most inspiring South African women in the technology and innovation sectors.

A seasoned and highly regarded businesswoman, she was named in the Top 30 women you need to know and applaud by Leadership Magazine. An awarded gender pioneer, her passion lies in her ability to open up opportunities for other women in business. She spends most of her time running her businesses and mentoring young and old in how to achieve the best out of their lives. She helps them navigate difficult corporate environments and help them find their own purpose.

Prior to founding her own companies, Amanda had spent most of her over 13-year corporate career in the Financial Services industry, particularly banking. She held various senior roles at all four major banks in South Africa with her last role as a Chief Information Officer at a multi-national bank.

She has graced the cover of Mindspace Magazine and has been featured on multiple ELLE Magazine issues, Destiny Magazine, Luxuria Lifestyle as well as numerous online digital publications including Entrepreneur Mag, Business Insider, Tech Financials, IT Web and Engineering News to mention just a few. Amanda has also been featured on multiple radio stations and television programmes, to note Mindspace TV on CNBC Africa and Morning Live on SABC 2. She uses these platforms to deliver positive messages of hope, self-belief and the benefits of having a clear vision for your life.

Amanda is a non-executive director of various boards on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Baked in Pain

In Baked in Pain, Amanda takes readers through the emotional roller-coaster, which was her life growing up in apartheid South Africa. A product of abandonment and rejection, she goes very deep in narrating the abuse she suffered as a child and the negative scripts that were fed to her over the years. She further explores, supported with research the way these messages can be internalised and become the truth. She flips the lid on what is expected of victims of abuse and challenges the notion of “once abused always abused” as she reflects on her own life as a mother, wife and an internationally celebrated businesswoman.

What would happen when Amanda finally summonses the courage to break free from her old life, in search of a relationship with her mother and a brighter future? Would she find what she’s looking for? Amanda’s candid recollections bare her soul, the deep faith and courage that carried her from her earliest days as a young child to her current life. It is an applaudable universal story.

In a time where all forms of abuse remain rife, this book provides incredible inspiration and lessons that will motivate the reader to use their traumatic past as the fuel they need to soar and live a life filled with purpose and to be of service to others.


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Book Reviews

What a wow … it was a captivating read. I binged on it from start to finish – I will have to go back to savour the pages some more. I love the relationship you’ve had with yourself through the years, how you’ve nurtured yourself and became your own best friend and supporter of your dreams and goals. Thank you for sharing your story.

It was such an honour reading Baked in Pain. What an authentic read. I am fully inspired. This book is for keeps. Thank you for opening your soul to share such an intimate story with the world. It’s a re-read.

I have just put your book down. I cried bitterly for the first four chapters. I have no words except that I admire your strength, resilience and courage to write the book and share your story. It has enabled me to remember my own pain with the aim of confronting it. Your book is a story of hope.

Baked in Pain was not only encouraging, it was such a close reference that it restored a place in me that was feeling so empty, a place that was basically on the verge of giving up on trying to become a better version of myself.

Sad but amazing at the same time. You are truly a role model.

I had to stop reading because it was too emotional for me. It took me back to some things that I had chosen not to deal with. The best thing about your story is that it inspires so much hope.

I cried, I laughed and I related. Great read. It felt like I was listening to you telling the story. So inspirational, well done.

I just got the end of your real life MBA thesis. What a page turner! I marvel at your resilience and determination. Your book had me gasping for air. It is empowering and I have taken out some key personal learnings.

It is a rarity to come across such class, authenticity, beauty, splendour, excellence and depth wrapped up in one. I am in awe of you, your spirit and courage. Such a well-written book and a story worth telling.

I cried. I validated the little girl in me. I am STILL here! I will ALWAYS be relevant. From reading your book I know I can face anything. Your strength, perseverance and bravery give me strength.

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